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Say hello to Market Intelligence - the real-time market monitoring and rate shopping solution.

With HQ revenue you can expect easy-to-use tools and powerful features to drive your professional revenue management beyond BookingSuite:


Know where you stand among your competitors

Keep rate parity on up to 22 online channels

Get an accurate market overview

Features you'll keep coming back to

Monitor your competitors

Your competitors’ rates for the next 365 days, updated in real-time.

Check your parity

Check your rates across all your channels and easily spot any irregularities from your brand.

Analyze your market demand

Access data on the demand in your destination (City Demand) and in customizable macro-markets.

Track events worldwide

All the events & holidays in the world and in your city at your fingertips.

Simple & fair pricing

Always comes with a 14-day risk-free trial.

Market Intelligence


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Save time, set the right room price and keeps tabs on your distribution with automated market research.

Daily rate shops + single-day real-time shops

Up to 6 competitors

Market Intelligence


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Stay ahead in highly dynamic locations with on-demand market intelligence and next-gen revenue management tools.

Real-time rate shops

Multiple competitor sets

Up to 18 competitors

Account-based API access

Further pricing information

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