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Call for Presentations


hotel campus @ ITB 2023

hotel campus is more than just a place for tired ITB guest to rest their weary legs – think of it as the place where everyone can learn about #hoteltech how you really do it in 2023 and beyond. 

The HQ plus teamed up to make this happen. We're set to create the most immersive ambiance  possible – in the middle of 2023's ITB.

And then it's your turn: Share your knowledge – and make new friends. Help us fill the campus with trenchant presentations, stirring talks, laughter, mingle – team up with us to create the most captivating, and never-to-be-forgotten experience for our favorite colleagues: the hoteliers and revenue managers out there. 


Call for Presentations – What we're looking for

Knowledge sharing is the main focus.
First and foremost, we aim for presentations about case studies, technologies that solve real-world hospitality / hotel / revenue management problems, best practices and lessons learned. Naturally, we know that you are looking to attract your ITB audience – nevertheless, we will reject submissions containing outright sales pitches and commercial presentations. In your submissions we evaluate a presentation value, uniqueness of its subject, alignment with hotel campus core and also speaker’s professional achievements and/or the creativity of your take.
At last, please be aware that we are on campus. Well, there's some limitations, tbh ... smoking here is prohibited for example. Sorry. Aside from that, you should know that campusses (campussi? campi? camps?) are for learning. Think of a piece of advice that your younger self would've really glad to have had.
Feel free to use the following questions as inspiration and/or starting points for your presentation.


IDEA 1  |  Introducing: My most favourite client

Tell us a story about success, team work, and how you made your client excel in their space!

What did it take? How have you been successful? How do you measure success at all? Is your term of 'success' the same as your clients'? What constellation made you successful? What did you have to rely on? What are the ingredients of your mutual success? How long have you been working together? How did it start? And how is it going?

IDEA 2  |  My worst fail, and what I've learned from it

Sometimes, the best stories are stories about complete f*ckups. And we all have had them, from little blunders to holistic, integral, day-drenching desasters. Tell us about your worst fail around hotel digitalization, digital revenue management, or related – but don't forget to share your advice with us: What have you learned from it – and what can we take away?


IDEA 3  |  Driven by data? Insights from the data surrounding us

So much ado about 'data driven' – but seriously: What does that even mean? Like, specifically? Show us an example of where you used data for leveraging your / your clients' business. What data did you use and how did you pull this off? Are you riding shotgun, driven by your data? Or do you take the wheel and steer?

... Well, alternatively, you might want to tell us something that's just damn interesting you've read and concluded from the data you've been collecting? Okay. Surprise us. But let there be data!


IDEA 4  |  Revenue Management like it's 2099 – What will the future bring?

When we're fed up with being "driven" by data – what will be next? Can you imagine the future of hospitality beyond all the other ideas? Share your idea with us, and let's find out together what will stick, and what will be hospitality's "Google+"? 

Okay, so, what is the catch?

... and what's in it for me?

Here's the catch:
€ 800
Get your message across to your audience at ITB Berlin. We will feature your presentation in our pre-ITB promotion (i.e. mailings, social media) as well as in our marketing post-ITB to help you gather interested listeners and support you building valuable relationships with industry peers and potential clients in our mutual industry space.
25 mins presentation slot
11x left + 1 Wildcard*

How to participate

If you are hooked, please share your ideas – and a rough overview over your presentation – with us. 

Please include: 

  • Your name & contact options
  • a brief bio: Who are you, what is your background (in terms of fields of interests, academia, career, idealism, ...)?
  • Links to your personal and/or professional online profiles (LinkedIn, Github, TikTok, OnlyFans, IRC, whatever)
  • If applicable: Short info about / links to your company

  • ... and of course: an abstract of your talk. Whether you send us your draft in form of a text-only version, an outline, a flow chart, a cartoon, an infographic, a table, a short video, or a photographed sticky notes mess on your office wall, does not matter to us. More important: We must get where you are getting at, preferably in under 10 Minutes. 


You can use either of these ways to participate: Send us an e-mail, use the file upload, sign up via the form below, or choose a date to talk with us, and we'll figure out together.



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