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Fostering exchange and valuable connections among leading hospitality players, we strengthen the hospitality industry from within.



Build strong, lasting partnerships to thrive and accelerate together. We become stronger together by not only understanding the market but by shaping its future.



Seasoned Professionals with specialized knowledge and skills come together to share insights, network, and learn from each other, often featuring presentations, workshops, and panel discussions.

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Take a look into the hotel campus eLearning platform and ante up your revenue management skillset!

Featuring deep dive courses on hotel tech software and revenue management, hotel campus is here to help you manage your hotel more effectively and maximize profitability!



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Intensive training program designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to optimize pricing and revenue strategies in the hospitality industry, often featuring hands-on exercises and case studies 



Finding the right help is our service that assists individuals in identifying and connecting with resources and professionals to address their specific needs, such as strategy, financial, or legal assistance.

hotelcampus @ ITB 2023

hotelcampus is more than just a place for tired ITB guest to rest their weary legs – think of it as the place where everyone can find out how #hoteltech works in 2023. And beyond!

Think of a team of state-of-the-art software solution providers in perfect interplay, inviting every interested hotelier on a journey through the bits, APIs, and UIs that ultimately define the #hospitality of the future.

The HQ plus teamed up to make this happen. We're set to create the most immersive ambiance  possible – in the middle of 2023's ITB.

And then it's your turn: Help us fill the campus with trenchant presentations, stirring talks, laughter, mingle – help us to create the most captivating, and never-to-be-forgotten experience for our favorite colleagues: the hoteliers and revenue managers out there. ... don't get it yet? Not to worry, it's gonna be clearer in a second ... 

hotel campus lounge draft_small
What are you planning to charge ...

... and what's in it for me?

SPEAKER partner
I just come here to talk ... !
When you just need a few minutes to get your message across
€ 800
25 mins presentation slot
Visibility on our Website + Blog
Full catering and drinks
Social Media coverage
ONLY 11 of 30 left ( 19 booked)
STANDARD partner
For a 1 DAY stay, but with a lasting impression
€ 1,499*
Full catering and drinks
Visibility on our Website
Social Media coverage (pre or post ITB)
Slot in the video loop (outside of presentation times)
2 free tickets to e-travel-lounge party
Seating station for you and your guests for 1 ITB day
ONLY 2 of 8 left (6 booked)
*PLEASE NOTE this package is available only for 8th or 9th March and can be combined with speaker package if interested
Premium Partner
When the "immersive experience" just isn't enough
€ 3,999
25 mins presentation slot
Full catering and drinks
Visibility on our Website
Double page in GRANT Magazine – ITB edition
Social Media coverage (pre/ post)
Slot in the video loop (outside of presentation times)
3 free tickets to e-travel-lounge party
Design counter w/ table+chairs for all ITB days
Feature in the after-movie
ONLY 1 of 6 left ( 5 booked)
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