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The Revenue Management Cockpit

All data at a glance - If you have to navigate your house through difficult winds, you need all the info: Market data, OTB data, PMS data. In real time, at a glance, without redundant workflows and tools.

This potential - the best possible overview of all relevant data - is offered by the integration of PMS data for your revenue management.

In an exclusive webinar series, we'll show you how this works, why it feels like a cockpit for revenue management, which workarounds you could do without, and how all the fun is realized technically. 

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Don't feel like it, no time, no energy, it's way too warm anyway and webinars aren't your cup of tea?
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This is what it looks like in real life, the

Revenue Management Cockpit

A bit boring? Yeah, well. Form follows function, right?

HQ revenue integrates PMS data in such a way that revenue managers can see everything at a glance and relate it to each other in a meaningful way.

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Functions & Widgets

30 days into the future?

What will happen in the next few days? This is a question that is asked time and again in revenue management. Do you always find an answer?

The 30 Days Rate widget shows what will happen to the rate in the next 30 days, what will happen to occupancy and how demand will relate to it? 

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Positioning is everything!

We have already written about the Price Rating Matrix here or here. The point here is to analyze our own price-performance ratio in comparison to the competition. Which is not always easy. With the price rating widget it is:

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Talk about the weather.

See at a glance if a good weather weekend is coming to my beach or ski resort? Yes, sometimes you just have to talk about the weather.

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In a personalized demo, the HQ revenue experts show you the potential of revenue intelligence for your company. From crisis controlling to hotel project planning to "classic" revenue management. 

Please leave us some information about your hotel / company and your system landscape here.This will give our experts the opportunity to prepare you in the best possible way and to set up a personalized test version of HQ revenue for you in advance.

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New functions, integrations and features, HQ plus news, updates and industry knowledge.

Update: Improved functions for Events in Feed Manager

Update: Improved functions for Events in Feed Manager

October 26, 2023 2:33:22 PM CEST 2 min read
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Leveraging the Data You Have: HQ revenue's Anomaly Widgets Explained

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ITB 2023: The Anomaly We've Been Longing For

ITB 2023: The Anomaly We've Been Longing For

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